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This segment of our website is intended to provide you with information regarding common problems that Woodland Park homeowners have encountered with their homes or property. The solutions offered are merely suggestions to a possible fix and NOT always the absolute cure. It is hoped that you will find this information helpful and informative and use it as a beginning in solving your situation. Be careful and good luck!

DISCLAIMER: The listing of a particular company or contractor does not imply an endorsement of said company or contractor. Each homeowner should carefully review the credentials of any company or contractor before hiring them. The opinions expressed herein reflect the experience of the Woodland Park Homeowners Association with these companies and contractors and should not be solely relied upon for any purpose.


Problem: My outdoor post lamp continues to burn all the time.

Solution: The photocell is probably defective. It is round, about the size of a penny, and is located on the post pole just under the glass shade. If it is not there, it is most likely on the front portion of the house mounted in a small, square aluminum colored box. The photocell itself can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowe's for about $8. It is a good idea to take the old one with you for comparison. CAUTION! IF YOU CHOOSE TO REPLACE THE PHOTOCELL YOURSELF, BE ADVISED THAT THE ELECTRICAL POWER IS ON REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THE BULB IS BURNING OR NOT. TURN OFF THE MAIN CIRCUIT BREAKER IN YOUR ELECTRICAL BOX BEFORE YOU BEGIN WORK.

Problem: My light bulb only lasts for a few days in my outdoor post lamp.

Solution: It is highly likely that the ceramic bulb socket is defective. Replacements are inexpensive and may be purchased at Home Depot or Lowe's. CAUTION! IF YOU CHOOSE TO REPLACE THE SOCKET YOURSELF, BE ADVISED THAT THE ELECTRICAL POWER IS ALWAYS ON. TURN OFF THE MAIN CIRCUIT BREAKER IN YOUR ELECTRICAL BOX BEFORE YOU BEGIN WORK.


Problem: My Bermuda grass is not as green and thick as I would like.

Solution: If you have not done so, a truckload of red river sand will do wonders. It can be purchased close by at Nature's Earth about one mile east of Woodland Park on Highway 64. A good time to spread the sand is during the fall or winter. The rains will force the sand down into the soil.

It is a good idea to fertilize your lawn in the fall and early spring with an all purpose fertilizer such as 6.12.12. The same fertilizer can also be used sparingly in your flower beds to enrich the soil for the coming spring and summer. During the summer months (May-July), Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer, 34.0.0. Is excellent. It is fast acting but does not last much over one month. CAUTION: ONCE 34.0.0 IS SPREAD ON YOUR LAWN, WATER YOUR LAWN NO MORE THAN AN HOUR LATER. If you do not, the grass will turn yellow and it will appear to be dead, however, it is not. Keep watering and watch what happens! Another benefit of 34.0.0 is that it will kill most spring weeds. Most places sell out of this fertilizer before August, so buy it early. If 34.0.0 is not available, 13.13.13 is almost as good. If all this don’t work, rent or have a lawn service aerate your lawn. 

Problem: My yard does not drain very well. Especially along the walls between my home and my neighbors. Also, the ground turns green there and grass will not grow.

SOLUTION: Many homeowners have found that by installing a French drain, this problem can be eliminated. For best results, call a landscaping service for installation. 

PROBLEM: My trees aren’t growing as quickly as I would like.

SOLUTION: Once the tree goes dormant in the fall or winter, try driving a stake or small pipe in the ground about 4 inches deep and approximately 18 inches from the tree trunk. Four holes created in a circular fashion should be sufficient. Fill the holes with 6.12.12 fertilizer and let the winter rains do the rest.

PROBLEM: My evergreens/junipers that are sickly looking.

SOLUTION: Bag worms are rampant in Woodland Park. You can tell if you have them by looking at the plants themselves. If you see what appear to be diamond shaped pods hanging on the leaves that look similar to Christmas ornaments, you have bag worms. You can buy insecticide and spray yourself or have a lawn service do it for you. If you let this problem continue, the plant will die. 

PROBLEM: I have an ugly electrical box in my front yard. What can I do?

SOLUTION: Memphis Light, Gas and Water have easement rights to these facilities and can service or repair them at any time. MLG&W does not have a problem with a homeowner planting greenery so as to “hide them.” You must remember, however, that they may have to damage your flowers/shrubs there in order to make needed repairs so, don’t get upset if that happens. YOU MAY NOT CONSTRUCT ANY PERMANENT FIXTURE OVER OR AROUND THESE FACILITIES THAT WILL PREVENT MLG&W FROM GAINING ACCESS. CAUTION: BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL WHEN WORKING AROUND THESE FACILITIES.

PROBLEM: How can I dispose of tree limbs from my trees?

SOLUTION: Call Lakeland City Hall and request that they come and shred them.

PROBLEM: I purchased a home in Woodland Park that has virtually no backyard because it is dramatically sloped.

SOLUTION: Several homeowners have encountered this problem and fixed it to their satisfaction. In fact, they have made beautiful backyards! This was accomplished by hiring a landscaper to build a tie wall and fill it with dirt. If you decide to do this, however, you must know where your property lines are located so that you do not encroach on your neighbor’s property or stray onto common area owned by the Homeowners Association. In addition, you may not change the drainage so as to cause a problem on your neighbor’s property or common area. It is highly advisable to contact the Homeowners Association PRIOR to such construction to ensure this does not happen.

The Homeowners Association will work with you in getting construction equipment to your property if it necessitates entering or crossing a common area. 

PROBLEM: I want to construct a fence on my property. Is that OK?

SOLUTION: Yes, in almost all instances. You should contact the Homeowners Association, which will issue you a letter if your fence is in conformance with the subdivision covenants and City regulations. PRIOR TO FENCE CONSTRUCTION YOU (NOT THE CONTRACTOR) MUST OBTAIN A PERMIT FROM CITY HALL AT A COST OF $35. WIRE FENCES OF ANY KIND ARE PROHIBITED IN THE CITY OF LAKELAND. FENCES OVER 36” INCHES IN HEIGHT AROUND WOODLAND PARK LAKE ARE PROHIBITED.

PROBLEM: My home borders a common area. Who do I call if there is a grass-cutting problem? What if I would like to plant a tree in the common area?

SOLUTION: Call any board member listed on this website. Residents wishing to plant a tree must contact the Homeowners Association for approval.


PROBLEM: The fascia boards on my house are rotten? 

SOLUTION: There could be one or more problems here. A persistent problem has been that the gutters on the house are insufficient in size to accommodate the volume of water coming off the steep roofs during a heavy rain OR the openings to the gutter down spouts are too small to take the water down fast enough. There also have also been instances where there is not enough slope/drop on the gutters to let gravity do its work. When one or all of these situations is the cause, the water overflows the gutter and contacts the fascia board. Over time, the wood absorbs the water and rotting begins. Check to see if any of these situations exist on your home. Rotten fascia boards should be replaced otherwise, the gutters will fall away and you may also begin to have water damage on your rafter boards.

PROBLEM: Are termites a problem in Woodland Park?

SOLUTION: Several homeowners have sustained damage thinking because the ground was treated during construction that there wouldn’t be a problem. WRONG! The pesticide used today is ineffective after about 3 to 5 years. You should call a professional exterminator if your home has not been treated since construction. This means that holes in the mortar between bricks must be bored so that the liquid insecticide solution can be dispersed to the ground underneath thereby creating a termite barrier. Be careful here! Some companies are charging exorbitant prices for this procedure, so shop around for estimates!

PROBLEM: I have a water leak onto my inside ceiling.

SOLUTION: Many times it is a bad rubber “boot” around a vent pipe on your roof. If the water is coming into your home in the same area where a vent pipe is located, it may be the problem. You can buy a good replacement WITH AN ALUMINUM BASE at Home Depot or Lowe's. They are easy to install. It is highly advisable that you not replace an all rubber boot similar to the ones on most homes in Woodland Park.

PROBLEM: My wooden chimney is rotting away.

SOLUTION: A very common problem in Woodland Park. In many instances this was caused during construction by cutting the 2X4 braces too long so as to contact with the roof shingles. During heavy rains, these boards literally become sponges and siphon up the water. We all know what happens to wood when it becomes water soaked. This is one that probably calls for a professional and one where you want to shop around and not get sucker punched! 

This part of our website is designed to provide you with the names of businesses or individuals who have performed work for the Woodland Park Homeowners Association (WPHOA) or have worked extensively in the neighborhood and developed a reputation for fair pricing, honesty and good craftsmanship. These entities are merely starting points should you need the services they provide and you are urged to price their competitors.
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