Welcoming Committee

The Welcoming Committee welcomes new homeowners into our neighborhood!
Members: Marilyn Piccatto and Janice Harden.

Neighborhood Watch 

Neighborhood Watch is a part of the Shelby County Neighborhood Watch Program and with the help of block captains aims to prevent or deter crime in our neighborhood. Residents are notified of any trouble in our area and meet annually with a representative of the Shelby County Neighborhood Watch Program.
Neighborhood Watch Coordinator: Marilyn Piccatto 

Design/Architectural Beautification Committee

The Design/Architectural Committee issues Woodland Park permits for fences, decks, etc.  Each month, the Yard of the Month committee chooses and places a Yard of the Month sign in attractive and well kept yards. The Beautification Committee helps to keep our entrances free of litter. 

Design/Architectural Committee:  Mitchell Brown, Scott Bradford

Yard of the Month: Teresa Griffith

Beautification Committee:  Meredith and Garth Gladney

Benevolence Committee

The Benevolence Committee sends sympathy cards and/or visits families of a deceased homeowner or resident.
Members: Pastor James Payne

Lake Committee & Lake Patrol

The Lake Committee is responsible for overseeing the condition of the lake, treating the lake and enforcing lake rules.
Lake Committee: Mitchell Brown, Bobby Fowler
Lake Patrol: Susan Conner, Hugh Presson


Creates website, flyers and newsletter to promote awareness of civic and neighborhood issues and concerns to our homeowners.

Communications: Marilyn Piccatto, Jo Ann Cohen
Website:  Ana Shuler
Newsletter: Marilyn Piccatto,  Jo Ann Cohen

Grounds Maintenance

The Grounds Committee takes care of any common ground issues and maintains the lights at the entrances.
Members: Mitchell Brown, Scott Bradford, Hugh Presson


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