Common Area Regulations

Woodland Park Homeowners Association Common Area Regulations (as modified and approved by the WPHOA Board on Tuesday, June 26, 2001)

Due to complaints from affected homeowners and to avoid potential problems and controversies, the Board of Directors feel it necessary to implement the following rules and restrictions regarding the use of the common areas. The authority to do so is found in Article 7.01 of the Woodland Park Homeowners Association bylaws:

1. No motorized recreational vehicles such as, but not limited to, motorcycles, motor-scooters, four wheelers, dune buggies, go-carts, or pickup / automobiles / off road type vehicles, are permitted on any part of the common areas. This shall not prohibit the use of motorized lawn-mowers for maintenance purposes or wheelchair type vehicles for the physically impaired.

2. No gasoline-powered watercraft is permitted on the lake.

3. Watercrafts are not allowed overnight on either the lake or any common area.

4. Swimming, wading or entering the lake for recreational purposes is strictly forbidden.

5. Fishing is for residents of Woodland Park and their guests. Guests must be accompanied by a resident.

6. The common areas may not be used for illegal, immoral, noxious or offensive trade or purpose.

7. No activity is allowed wherein loud or unusual noise is created, especially at night, thereby disturbing the tranquility of the residents.

8. No activity is permitted which significantly disturbs, damages, deteriorates or diminishes the natural beauty of the terrain or water.

9. Advertising by residents or non-residents on the common areas is prohibited.

10. No resident may construct structures on the common area. Any private improvement or donation to the common area must be approved by the Board of Directors.
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